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Name of the organisation: Support Trust for Africa Development (STAD)

Fiscaal nummer RSIN kenmerk : 8109.65.501


Contact Address:   


Postbus 13089

2501 EB Den Haag,

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)

Email: /


Director/Chairperson:    Ms. Florence Andrew

Contact person:               Ms. Florence Andrew


Abraham Douglaslaan 141

2273 GR Voorburg

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)

E-mail address:      /


The aim & Objectives of the Organisation

The main Support Trust for Africa Development (STAD) is to support the less privileged groups (women, orphans, refugees, youth and elderly) through education, promotion of health, peace, training in market-oriented life skills and economic activities for self-reliance in Northern Uganda and South-Sudan respectively (Horn of Africa/ Great Region


Specific objectives:

Training and capacity building of women, men and youth on human rights with a particular focus on women and children’s rights, Gender Based Violence (GBV) and domestic violence
Supporting training and empowerment of women and youth in market-oriented life skills programs and promote economic activities of youth and women to improve their living conditions
Support adult literacy class programs for women
Support awareness raising programs on gender, health (sanitation, hygiene) but especially on HIV/AIDS & other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) prevention, Counselling for traumatized orphans, women and people due to war-related atrocities, HIV/ADIs etc.
Network with NGOs, Institutions that support children & women’s rights, promote youth welfare and or share the same aspirations as STAD

STAD board members

1. Florence Andrew:  Chairperson     (F)   Volunteer

2. Bert Biemold:  General    (M)  volunteer

3. Dedi Bullen Gaga:  Financial    (M)  Volunteer

4. Dr. Josje van der Linden: Consultant/Adviser    (F)   volunteer

5. Debbie Yip:   Financial advisor    (F) volunteer


Functions of the board members

Florence Andrew, Chairperson/ Director

  • Responsible for the day to day trust manage
  • Official representative, contact and spokesperson of the Trust
  • project design, development and writing
  • Responsible for coordinating the project development, submission and communicates directly with the implementing partner organization
  • Communicate directly with the local partner and donor organizations on a regular basis
  • Inform partner local organization any changes related to project preparation and implementation
  • Writing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the local partner & applicants in the Netherlands (organizations)
  • Signing the Terms of Reference (ToR) with donor organization, partner organisation (s), auditors, payment of people involved in project implementation etc.
  • Together with the financial treasures answers questions related to finances, bank transfers to partner organizations etc.
  • Monitor & Evaluates project implementation progress in Project area in South Sudan
  • Responsible for updating lead consortium organisation Plan (responsible for the NAP3 fund) and the public in the Netherlands about the progress or implementation and outcome of the project
  • Responsible for sending money to the partner organizations
  • Monitors and evaluates project progress
  • Writing final reports


Bert Biemold:  General Secretary

  • Represents and acts in the place of the chairperson when absent
  • Organizing meetings and take minutes
  • Responsible for keeping the records
  • Participates in report writing, workshops, seminars, fundraising activities etc.


Dedi Bullen Gaga: STAD financial secretary (Volunteer)

  • Manages and monitors the day-to-day use of finances of the project/STAD
  • Responsible for all contracted staff /Volunteers’ payments in the Netherlands
  • Together with project coordinator/STAD chairperson overseas projects money transfers
  • Keeps all banks statements invoices and receipts related to the project and STAD in general
  • Together with STAD’s chairperson prepares the final financial reports submitted to all stakeholders
  • Participates in report writing, workshops, seminars, fundraising activities etc.


Sheela Khoesial Finance and Project manager (contracted and paid based on no of hours)

The Finance and Project manager has been contracted for the Women Girls for Change Alliance (WG4CA) Project. In accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement (MoU), she is :

  • To set up & prepare some policy documents & financial accounting and bookkeeping records etc.
  • Record, prepare financial statements or financial templates provided by Plan as required by MoFA.
  • Closely with the project coordinator, monitor and evaluate the financial related costs for implementation of the project activities in South Sudan, write the narrative and financial reports and work closely with Plan and other consortium partners
  • In collaboration with the project, coordinator review current project progress in relation to the terms and conditions set in the agreement with the donor organization/ MoFA
  • Will and or may be requested to represent, present /respond and attend some crucial financial meetings independently or together with project coordinator/STAD chairperson & Fin. Secretary
  • Responsible for posting reports to the IATI as required by MoFA
  • In the absence of the project coordinator, the Financial / Project Manager in consultation with the finance secretary

– Will contact and request from EW0, local partner implementing NAP 3 project

– And/Or advice and provide relevant project information or documents to EW0

  • Together with project coordinator /STAD chairperson ensure a proper financial report (s) and auditing outcome/ results from EW0 and can therefore request EW0 for any further corrections.
  • Prepares the final NAP3 WG4CA financial report to be submitted to Plan


Debbie Yip: STAD Finance Adviser/ Public Relations Officer (volunteer)

  • Responsible for setting up financial accounting and bookkeeping records etc.
  • Coaches, mentors STAD board members on accounting procedures
  • Supervises and advises on proper acceptance financial documentation and payment vouchers
  • Responsible for writing STAD’s strategic plan, newsletter & editing documents/ project reports


Dr. Josje van der Linden: Consultant/Adviser (volunteer)

  • Advises and informs board members of possible funding opportunities
  • Advises and recommends Trust for possible funding


Ms. Amandru Stella Wawa: Gender Technical Adviser (contracted, paid but bases in Africa)

  • Provide the Programme Manager with advice on programming direction and options at local and state level based on knowledge of global, regional and national social Women, Peace and Security trends, priorities, challenges and emerging issues;
  • Contribute significantly to the project’s strategic discussions in establishing work plans and priorities. And ensures harmonization and linkages of priorities and approaches with the overall programme work plan.
  • Ensures that project activities are drawn using gender lenses or are gender sensitive
  • Monitors and advises partner to ensure that participants (depending on the program) gender balance
  • Provides advice on the project aimed at promoting women’s involvement in peace negations, women as victims, survivors and community stabilizers or


All STAD board members except those contracted work as volunteers. These are individuals who have dedicated and devoted their time and resources to realise the Trust’ objectives and mission and vision.

However, some ad-hoc volunteers and few board members paid transport when attending meetings, or events related to the projects/ Trust.


Activities that have been implemented

  • Training and Dialogue sessions on conflict resolutions and gender-based violence through our partner organisation Equatoria Women organisation (EW0)
  • Youth & Women Community Development Organisation (YWCD0) Peace Hall — Furnished
  • Easter & Christmas celebrations for South Sudanese Refugees and nationals
  • Building a new Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine (VIP) Toilet at YWCD0
  • Social Gender-based Violence (SGBV), HIV/aids and peacebuilding awareness raising in schools with school children
  • Capacity building of partner organization’s local staff etc.
    • Adult literacy classes for women which has now included young boys & girls who have missed the normal education/ school process due to the war.
    • Implementation of the UNSCRN 1325: Women, Peace and Security. Dutch National Action Plan (NAP3) Program in South Sudan under the theme: Women Girls for Change Alliance (WG4CA)
    • Peacebuilding. trauma counselling of victims of Gender-based Domestic Violence (GBDV)
    • Training women to take an active role in politics, conflict resolutions, reconciliation and role of women in leadership and peacebuilding
    • Training local ABC courts in South Sudan on human rights and legal tools etc.


Current running projects:

  • Continuation of the UNSCR 1325 NAP 3 Women Girls 4 Change Alliance (WG4CA) project
  • Completion of the YWCDO VIP toilet project (probably mid-May)
  • YWCDO peace hall roof ceiling (no funds available yet)
  • Follow up on peacebuilding, trauma counselling and reconciliation training of the South Sudanese pastors/community leaders in the camps
  • Easter and Christmas celebrations for the refugees (have become a tradition and is well attended)
  • Social Gender-based Violence (SGBV), HIV/aids and peacebuilding awareness raising in schools with school children
  • Capacity building of partner organization’s local staff etc.
  • Continuation of adult literacy classes for women which has now included young boys & girls who have missed the normal education/ school process due to the war.


Bank account: (IBAN): NL 49 Rabo 0157370615

Organisational form/legal entity:

Date of establishment: 11.07 2002